Vinson Game provide all kindly of services to our customers throug out the process.

  1. Specifications checking & quotation.

    After getting the specification we will provide customers suggestions on the dimensions and materials accroding to our experiences on production.

    Professional quotation will be sent to customers as soon as possible.

  2. Templates & guidelines for preparing the files.

    We will provide customers templates according to the components' specifications, as well as information like format, color, etc.

  3. Prototype

    We will make a prototype of the game and send to customers for proof before start the producion.

  4. Production & quality inspection

    The production process starts on the proof from customer. And we will keep our eyes on the quality throughout the process. We also accept the customer's quality inspections.

  5. Shipping

    The games will be shipped to customers through different shipping methods according to customer's needs.


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